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The Space Between has garnered Daniel Holfeld numerous prestigious accolades, including the International Photography Awards, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Awards, and the Tokyo International Photography Awards. Holfeld's unique visual language is prominently featured in this collection, where he transforms architectural surfaces into painterly abstractions, drawing inspiration from the clean and vivid clarity of modernist painting.​The focus of this series is the iconic Calpe housing estate, La Muralla Roja, designed by renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill in 1973. Employing the flexible veracity of photography, Holfeld's close-cropped images reveal geometric fragments with meticulous attention to subtle lines and unexpected shadows, creating striking compositions of colour and form.​​

Within the unique surroundings of La Muralla Roja, Holfeld seeks to capture what he terms "emotional architecture," aligning with the belief that emotion is a nonverbal, sensory language fundamental to our interpretation of reality. His aim is to encourage viewers to unlearn conventional ways of seeing, inviting them to lose themselves in the visual experience and temporarily escape their everyday struggles.

Embracing colour as Holfeld has throughout this series, challenges the fabric of homogenised society. Each hue becomes a rebellious stroke, defying the monochrome conformity that often pervades societal norms. Colours, carefully chosen and manipulated, act as visual dissent, embodying the diversity and individuality that homogenization seeks to suppress. The palette becomes a narrative, vividly articulating the richness of human experience, breaking free from the grayscale constraints of uniformity. Through Holfeld’s lens, he weaves a tapestry of defiance, using colour as a potent symbol to question, provoke, and celebrate the kaleidoscope of human existence in a world often yearning for conformity. 

Notably, the series has received international recognition, earning various awards and being exhibited in prestigious venues such as Dublin's RIAI and London’s RIBA. The acquisition of first editions into the Robert Elwall Photography Archive further solidifies the significance and lasting impact of this series within the realm of contemporary photography.

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